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AtoZ Notebook

Stores all of your personal information

AtoZ Notebook is a simple, password protected Data Manager. It has about as much complexity as a pen and paper and can be used to store website logins, names and addresses, and anything that fits the A - Z model. All protected by a single password.

Suggested Uses

Create 1, 5 or 15 Different Notebooks!

Website Logins

Store all of your usernames, passwords, web addresses and other bits of information required to login to every website you visit.

Personal Address Book

Use an AtoZ Notebook as your personal address book for family, friends and acquaintances, and keep it separate from your business contacts.

Client Information

Keep all of your business contacts in one safe, secure place, whether it's names and addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.

Software Licenses

Build a repository of software license keys and website addresses for all the software on your PC, making reinstalling if required a breeze.

Topic List

Create a Notebook for topics that interest you, and under each topic name store web addresses, books and articles, all in one place.

Employee Details

Do you have fifty employees working for you? Build a Notebook with information and insights on each employee, all password protected.

Student Information

Are you a teacher? Do you have ten classes and many students? Build a Notebook for each class, storing info on each student for easy access.

Extended Family Info

Do you have a large family of cousins, aunts and in-laws? Store info about each family member so you won't forget: birthdays, kids, 3rd husband's name, etc.

Places of Interest

Frequent traveller? Build a detailed list of places you have been and what you saw there, so that next time you go back you know where to go and what to do.